tsquared1314 (tsquared1314) wrote in dashboardfans,

To any fan who has been to or will go to the Dashboard Confessional show...

Hey guys,

I went to the DC show last week when they came to Toronto and it was SOOO AWESOME :). It was alot more intimate than the last time he was in Toronto. My bf even bought dashboard stickers too @ the show...except ..he gave them to me to carry..and then I lost them :(. and he's rather upset! And of course I can't find them anywhere on ebay or online..I guess they are only available from the concert.

If anyone who went to the show bought these stickers (the one with the red apple on it) or is going to show and wiling to help me buy some stickers, I would love to buy them off of you.. (of course I will pay for shipping etc.) Pleaseee let me know..I will be forever grateful! :)
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