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new photos!

hey guys! i just posted this to my lj and thought y'all might like a look! :) bye xx
more photos! i'm on a roll... i sorted these out whilst listening to the new fall out boy record on repeat. i know this is the 2nd post in a row with a fall out boy theme, but seriously, the new record is amazing!! i love it.

anyway.. that aside, have some photos of the equally amazing dashboard confessional.
this was the first show i shot and/or went to in 2008, all the way back in january. i'm pretty sure it remains the best of the year too... every time i die @ hollywood house of blues comes very very very close to taking the crown away from mr carrabba, but nothing can beat a solo dashboard show, right?!

so, photos! dashboard confessional. solo show. london scala, january 2008.
you can see the whole set here on my site too! :)

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